The popular music festival is still planning its return


Glassonbury, a festival run as a fundraiser by the Glassonbury Rangers Club, will continue as long as Covid restrictions allow.

Organizer Ross Easterbrook said: ‘I understand the carnivals in Maryport and Flimby are not taking place. However, we think most of the restrictions will be lifted and hopefully we can get everyone here. »

Flimby Carnival usually takes place on the same day as the music festival.

He said a committee would monitor the situation but as of today plans are underway for the festival to go ahead.

Leading this year’s lineup are popular local band Broken English, who played at the second festival in 2010 and have been well received ever since.

The Maryport Glassonbury Festival was the brainchild of club member Robert Burns.

He said at the time that the club raised money for different charities every year and that would be a good way to do it.

The first Glassonbury raised money for Help for Heroes, many other charities and the club itself have benefited from the thousands of pounds raised over the years.

At one time, the festival was primarily known for its tribute acts, with bands coming from all over the country to perform.

Until the lockdown there were still plenty of bands from outside the region, but now the music is mostly original or cover rather than tribute.

Covid led to the cancellation of the festival in 2020, but Mr Easterbrook said he was confident and hoped the event would continue this year.

He also hoped that by July there would be fewer, if any, restrictions that would allow 900 people to attend.

The full lineup scheduled for Glassonbury 2021 will include Collision and DJ Grant Bethwaite.

They will be joined by Lee Adams and Ian Moore. The rest of the range is Mayfair Suite, Rucksacks and Thieving Magpies.

Glassonbury will take place on July 3 at Glasson Rugby Club on Ewanrigg Road, Maryport. Tickets will cost £8 and are available from various businesses around Maryport including Dash Hair and Beauty, Muddy 4 Paws, The Laundry Basket and Glasson Rangers club.

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