Squid Game Soundtrack: What classical pieces of music are used in Squid Game and who composed the score?



As Netflix’s currently most popular new show, chances are you’ve come across Squid game. Hwang Dong-hyuk’s intensely entertaining nine-part series keeps millions on the edge of their seats (and covers their eyes), aided by what is emerging as an iconic soundtrack – complete with classics and a catchy original music.

what Squid game everything on?

The series sees a group of rather unlucky individuals tempted by a series of games at a secret facility on a remote island off the coast of South Korea. Most of the players, millions of won in debt, are online for a sum of money that will truly change their lives, but it costs a lot of money. The games, while simple and childish, see the losers literally eliminated. As each competitor is dispatched, the prize money only increases. Although their very lives are on the line, the lure of billions puts them on the line… and the audience is enthralled.

Who wrote the music for Squid game?

The music of Squid game is overseen by Music Director and Composer Jung Jae-il, one of South Korea’s foremost artists. Multi-instrumentalist and composer, Jung is perhaps best known to Western audiences as the musical director and composer of Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-winning film. Parasite (2019). He also worked with the director on his film Okja (2017) and, before that, Hemoo (2014) – which Bong produced.

Jung studied at the Seoul Academy of Jazz and started working in film music very early in his career – he was only 15 when he started. Since then, he has become one of the leading musical artists in his home country, working with many South Korean stars including singer Park Hyo-shin.

The soundtrack also includes music by Park Min-ju and an artist called ’23’, which sounds somewhat enigmatic.

What is music for Squid game As?

Original music by Jung Jae-il for Squid game is led by guitar and percussion, which has an almost contemporary western vibe – but not a cowboy in sight. Gritty and edgy, with electronic tones and an occasional haunting piano, it’s a suitably dramatic accompaniment.

However, it’s the more eccentric pieces that make Squid gameiconic soundtrack from, notably Mr. Jung’s piece titled Well at the time, a playful, almost folk song for traditional Korean recorder and percussion. The music of the mysterious “23” and Park Min-ju is also memorable, including the a cappella Pink soldiers, the weird Needles and Dalgona and the inspired computer game Fat and rats.

What is classical music in Squid game?

It seems that the makers of faceless games think classical music is a good way to calm the nerves of their bloodied competitors. Every morning they are awakened (if they have slept) by the third movement of Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto.

Details of each new game revealed with Johann Strauss II strains The Blue Danube, which can also be heard in the VIP lounge.

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is also heard in the glitzy living room, where masked billionaires bet on the lives of those who gamble.

Can you buy and stream the Squid game soundtrack?

Yes, Squid gameThe soundtrack was released to accompany the series. It features all original tracks from Jung Jae-il and those from ’23’ and Park Min-ju. It is available for streaming and download from all best music streaming platforms. It is currently not available on CD or vinyl.

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