Popular music artist and rapper J Spaz makes huge buzz with his album ‘Laneless’



Respected and versatile artist J Spaz spreads his musical aura through his greatest success “Laneless the mixtape”. It consists of eight exquisite tracks.

Umusical artist in the making J Spaz revolves around the epicenter of the music industry with the sprawling success of its musical performance ‘Without way ‘. Without a track, the mixtape consists of eight exquisite tracks and each of them provides a distinct essence from each other. The artist masterfully designed this album or mixtape released in 2019. Some of the songs from the mixtape like “Plotting”, “Get a bag”, “Me and You”, “Answers”, etc. showcase the talent, skill of the artist, and a great sense of music. Each of the tracks contains different topics. “Plotting” portrays a story of gun violence, but “I Remember” is about the dark past and drug addiction. “Nwo” means new world order and “Ain’t love” is about a catchy love story. So the whole mixtape is like a musical journey for listeners with quick immersive moments and lots of twists and turns.

This American rapper is versatile with his skills in rap, singing, songwriting and entrepreneurship. Armed with his musical arsenal, the artist looks forward to releasing more tracks in the coming days with the huge success of “Laneless the mixtape”. The album collected over 50,000 online feeds from YouTube and all music platforms. To get a taste of his music, follow J Spaz more SoundCloud, Reverberation, and Spotify also.

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