Pandit Debojyoti Bose: I see more politics in Indian classical music industry | Bengali Cinema News

Pandit Debojyoti Bose was recently awarded the highest state honor, Banga Bibhushan, for his outstanding contribution to the music industry as a maestro and composer of Hindustani classical music. He is probably the only musician from Kolkata to have visited more than 10 countries as Indian Cultural Ambassador through ICCR. The famous musician has worked as a composer for many acclaimed films, including the films of national award-winning director Shekar Das.

Not only music, but he has done several non-fiction shows for television. His philanthropic activities began in the 1990s with his organization which he continued on his own and with his own funds until 2022 when he began his career as a full-time political activist to expand his activities. of social work.

Asked about his political views, Debojyoti jokes, “I see more politics in the Indian classical music industry than in the mainstream socio-political scene.” The popular musician says his interest in politics is nil and it was only for the purpose of working for the people that he joined the party. He sees his life as a service to the people of his country, whether he entertains them with music or does traditional philanthropy. He was promised and provided with a level of convenience and support by the Honorable Chief Minister; therefore, he joined the party and will always be grateful to him. Debojyoti feels proud and surprised to be the only Hindustani classical musician to have joined politics in the history of the mentioned.

Giving a glimpse of his upcoming works, the music maestro reveals that he has been working on several singles with renowned artists from Bengal which will be released ahead of Durga Puja. His return as a sarod player after his sabbatical has been graciously accepted by the industry for which he feels deeply obligated and is looking forward to gigs in the upcoming season. “As the official organizer of the State Music Academy, there are several plans to take the academy and its funds to rural areas of Bengal to promote music and seek new talent. After the pandemic, the activities of our foundation have been compromised enough, which we plan to revive and start new businesses soon, added Debojyoti Bose.


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