Locate S, 1 explores the frontiers of personality and popular music on new record



When you listen to the lyrics to the song “Personalia” by Locate S, 1, you experience a sense of a miracle that the song was ever written in the first place. Indeed, the song offers a creative and intimate look at a true story in which Christina Schneider – the mastermind behind Locate S, 1 – almost completely leaves the music industry.

“I almost killed myself so I went home / I just can’t attend these local shows,” the lyrics say candidly, addressing Schneider’s experience and the difficulties many musicians face.

“It’s hard to be a musician because you can never know if other people are going to care about what you do… and it can hurt when they don’t,” Schneider said. American songwriter. “There is this weird economy of criticism,” she continued, pointing out the absurdity of living in a society that has set up websites to assess and review every element of our life, including music. .

“This world can kind of depress me because I want people to like what I do, you know? But I also have to remember that not everyone will like what you do, but you just have to keep going, ”said Schneider. “Music can be a source of pain, but it can also be a source of therapy. “

This therapy blooms in bright colors on Schneider’s second album Personality, which debuted on April 3 via Captured Tracks. Produced by Schneider’s partner, Kevin Barnes (of Montreal acclaim), the record is an ingenious exploration of what pop music can be, incorporating elements of surrealism, humor, politics and intimacy, all under psychedelic sound layers.

“I feel like I can make people believe it’s like other music,” Schneider said. “I really wanted to be more ambitious with Personality, especially with production. Kevin is an incredible producer and he encouraged me to take more of the reins of production. We spent a lot more time recording Personality – a lot of tapes were even thrown away and we were getting completely close to things. It was sort of like “whatever time it takes, I want it”. I feel like I’m investing in something like a new kind of music, instead of trying to make an album that fits into the world.

If the desired effect is to create something that feels both familiar and unfamiliar, then Schneider has done it. That is, Schneider writes in a way that places traditional pop elements in non-traditional environments. The hooks of some songs, like “Whisper 2000”, are as loud as anything in the Top 40, but while a standard pop tune would repeat that hook for three minutes and call it a day, Schneider jumps out. idea to idea in a tasteful and seamless manner. In fact, the structure of most songs is more like romantic era classical music than your regular pop act, although the instrumentation is more reminiscent of the Elephant 6 collective than Beethoven or Borodin… which is an incredible feat. given Schneider’s musical background.

“I’m not very well educated musically,” she said, “I took guitar lessons and all that, but in theory I’m in the weeds. I really like listening to chords and finding different ways of playing. use them. Sometimes I write gibberish lyrics with chord progression so I can fill in the blanks later when the song has more structure. When I’m done with the whole song, I’ll take it to Kevin Usually the recording process starts with telling us what we want the song to sound like – often times we’ll both be pulling certain things from different songs that we like. We usually create a percussion track first, then I play guitar for the progression and basic chord structure. Then we layer that up, finding it out as we go. “

Besides, Personality is as creative lyrically as it is musically. With a biting edge and a sense of humor, Schneider makes observations throughout the album that touch on everything from self-image to corporate feminism to The single person.

“I really got into The single person“Schneider said.” I don’t know why, but it’s just fascinating to see these people completely disconnected from reality and the conversations that take place between them. It’s surreal. I wrote ‘After The Final Rose ‘about it. I wasn’t crazy about the original lyrics I had, so I was trying to think of how to make them more interesting. It really just naturally became this song about eating the rich, showing my loathing for the cult of money and power. ”

“I’m very attached to things like politics and money,” she continued, “but I try to avoid talking about it in a way that isn’t creative. feels like it’s not my job to make people think about all the bad things unless I make it fun or somehow sublimate it. So I likes to talk about political things, but in some kind of new language to make it a little more devious. ”

In all, Personality is a fantastic weirdness and odyssey that bounces around the auditory cortex in a way that resembles an old friend from space. In the midst of today’s uncertain world, it offers both food for thought and a delicious escape.

Personality is available on all streaming services. Listen to Locate S, 1 single “Whisper 2000” below:



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