Kenosha Pops Concert Band to Honor Women’s Suffrage | Local News



Many of these local celebrations in 2020 have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Others, including this celebration with the Pops, were put back a year, and are now celebrating 101 years of suffrage.

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“We are happy and grateful to be able to participate in this celebration,” said John Moyer, Director of the Pops Group. “We are pleased that Kenosha County Suffrage 100 recognizes the importance of the women’s suffrage movement and the resulting franchise, and we, as a band, look forward to presenting music from the era as well as information about the movement. This is a unique opportunity for the group, and we are honored to be invited to commemorate it with Kenosha. “

“Authentic suffrage songs”

Pops Music Director Craig Gall said Melissa Cardamone was scheduled to perform as the band’s guest singer, singing authentic suffrage songs from the era with lyrics pleading for women’s suffrage, to melodies Familiars including “Auld Lang Syne,” “Marching Through Georgia,” and “Glory Glory Hallelujah.” The group will also perform a program of other songs, including “The March of the Women Marines”.

“Music and programming will recognize the essential and indispensable right to vote, which was eventually extended to women with the 19th Amendment,” said Gall.

While the passage of the 19th Amendment essentially gave white women the right to vote in the United States, it would take another 45 years for women of color to have the right to vote in every state. By performing the famous “Ain’t I a Woman?” ”From Sojourner Truth’s speech, Robinson will highlight the struggle for gender and racial equality that was forged by the suffragists.



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