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SINGAPORE – Music-oriented high school students now have the opportunity to learn more about jazz, popular music and multimedia music.

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said the O-level music curriculum has been revised to include these new areas of study, in addition to existing Asian music and Western classical tradition.

Mr. Ong was speaking at the final concert of the Lion City Youth Jazz Festival at the Chinese Cultural Center in Singapore on Saturday, May 18.

He told the rally, “Jazz will be featured in the O-level curriculum, and in jazz, (students) will be able to enjoy all sub-genres.

“They get to know music and musicians, such as Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck and Jeremy Monteiro.”

Mr. Monteiro is a local jazz veteran and the executive director of the Jazz Association (Singapore).

Mr Ong added: “This will be our approach in all artistic fields. In literature too, you are not only learning about Shakespeare, but also about Haresh Sharma (a Singaporean playwright).

“In art – as in painting – you don’t just learn about Leonardo and Monet, but also about Liu Kang (an influential first generation artist from Singapore).

“We will always feature a local art form in our program now. It’s a maturity for Singapore, both understanding ourselves and our own art form, and I think that’s the right way to go. to follow.”

The education ministry said the changes are intended to “better meet the diverse interests and musical backgrounds of students.”

“Students will also be able to make more connections and bonds from a greater diversity of musical contexts through listening, creating and performing.”

These would open up new possibilities in post-secondary and tertiary music pathways for students and boost career opportunities in the creative arts sector, for example, in fields such as music production, animation and film. , and interactive digital media, the ministry added.

The new curriculum is offered to students of the four-year elective music program, the enhanced two-year music program, and the two-year O-level music course at upper secondary level.

The first exam year for these students is 2020.

Mr. Monteiro said: “It is a joy to be able to witness the growth of Singaporean jazz over the years and to see how it is strongly integrated into the music programs of our education system.

“The Jazz Association (Singapore) is pleased to play a role in raising the standard of jazz excellence in Singapore.”



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