Hot Springs Concert Band to Celebrate America



The Hot Springs Concert Band performed their first concert in 16 months on June 28 at the Fountain Lake School Auditorium.

The audience of around 140 “responded enthusiastically to the music of ‘It’s the Twenties Again’ and the wit and humor of Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Dr. Craig Hamilton,” a statement said. hurry.

The group is now preparing for their next concert on Monday, which will center around the theme “America the Beautiful”.

“As the band’s patriotic summer concert, it will serve to compensate for the Memorial Day concert they didn’t get to play on May 31,” he said.

Selections will include “Armed Forces Salute,” https: // “An American Fanfare,” https: / /”This is my country, “ / jul / 11 / hot-springs-concert-band-to-celebrate-america / “American Exultant March,” – to-celebrate-america / “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” “Gallant Marines , “”Echos From the Battlefield,” / news / 2021 / jul / 11 / hot-springs-concert-band-to-celebrate-america / “An Anthem for the Lost and the Living,” 11 / hot-springs-concert-band-to-celebrate-america / “Lest We Forget,” nd-to-cele brate-america / “From Sea to Shining Sea” and “For Our Heroes”.

The concert will be held at 7:00 p.m. Monday in the Fountain Lake School Auditorium, 4207 Park Ave. There is no admission for the concert, but the public will have the opportunity to make donations that will help offset part of the group’s operating expenses.

“Love for America and respect for its military will never go out of fashion for the Hot Springs Concert Band, so we hope you will intend to join us in this tribute to our beloved country and to salute our great army and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms and way of life we ​​still enjoy. Prepare to listen and sing along with us as we perform some of your favorite standards for the flag American, ”the statement read.



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