Fast-thinking MN MP credited for taste in classical music


On Monday, September 20, the Chisago County Sheriff’s Department posted on Facebook a video of one of their deputies – Deputy Finnegan – responding to a car fire at a downtown home. Body camera video shows the deputy approaching a burning classic car just outside the garage of a house on the 15000 block of Per Road. Deputy Finnegan attempts to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher while asking a nearby man if he has a tow strap. The man says yes, and the video advances a few seconds as Deputy Finnegan attaches the strap first to the burning car and then to his patrol vehicle. As he gets into his patrol car to drive the car away from the house, a classic radio station (which looks a lot like Classical MPR from the Twin Cities) can be heard.

In the video caption by the Sheriff’s Department, the Quick Thinking Assistant was credited for his quick actions and appreciation for classical music.

“What do a burning vehicle, tow strap, and classical music have in common? Deputy Finnegan can answer that!” The ministry joked, “If you know Deputy Finnegan, you know he has a unique taste for music.”

“I think having classical music probably relieves the stress of work a bit,” commented in the comment section of the video.

“Awesome,” praised another. “Give the fire extinguisher a shot but already plan the next step in case it becomes necessary.”

“… sucks,” cried one of the classic cars. “Such a beautiful ride.”

Well done, Deputy Finnegan! Keep up the great work and keep listening to classical music!

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