Dunedin Concert Band wins bronze medal at Global Music Award



Dunedin Music Society press release:

20 October 2021

Not all established community groups are out of date. The flagship ensemble of the Dunedin Music Society, the Dunedin Concert Band founded in 1981, this year won the bronze medal of the Global Music Award for “creativity and originality”.

Competitions are not the primary focus of Dunedin Concert Band performers, as it hijacks their ability to share live music with their circles of influence. However, it is heartwarming that our programming and adaptability to move events online during the isolation period of the COVID-19 pandemic is paying off.

The creativity and originality of the music we perform and the way we share it with the world are two important factors that Maestro Stephen P Brown, conductor of the Dunedin Concert Band, takes into consideration when developing plans up to two years in advance.

To demonstrate diversity and inclusion, DCB’s October 17 performance featured music Brown had planned just before the isolations began and reflected the Spanish deserts, a celebration of life in the Appalachians, and a speedy car ride. with James Bond. After speaking with Robert W. Smith, renowned composer of the “Don Quixote” symphony which the group will perform, Brown said “the cultural influences of the African Moors, the Romans and the displacement of the Castilian territory from Leon to the northwest of Spain to La Mancha in the South East, contribute to an exciting musical and emotional journey centered on a fascinating 500-year-old fictional character, parts of which we can still see in all of us today. ”

Brown’s wife, Melissa, will give a special pre-concert lecture as an expert on the writings of Miguel de Cervantes, author of “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de La Mancha” and contemporary of William Shakespeare. The insights she gleaned from composer Smith will further bridge the relationship between literary creativity and musical originality.

With performances throughout Pinellas County since the isolation began, the Dunedin Concert Band is happy to finally return home to the Dunedin Community Center. For more information, visit dunedinmusicsociety.org.

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