COVID-19: “The Farm”, a popular concert hall, obtains a closure order


A homeowner who held “live concerts” at his home has been issued a cease and desist order by the city.

James Welch, the owner of ‘The Farm’ on Moody Road in Enfield, is adamant he doesn’t host concerts. Instead, The Farm held backyard barbecues, where there was music and social distancing was enforced, he said.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, large gatherings of 100 or more are not permitted. The measure should help stop the spread of the virus.

The Farm has held five live music events since June, according to Room. Enfield officials say the events appear to be public gatherings, but Welch says they are private barbecues for friends and family.

“These backyard barbecues were implementing appropriate social distancing and safety measures at all costs from the owner and his help, said Welch who added that hand sanitizer and masks are available for patrons and that a non-contact thermometer is used to check attendees.

The farm received its first violation from Enfield in August. It was an enforcement letter from nuisance officer Ricardo Rachele stating that outdoor special events require permits.

The cease and desist order was issued on September 1.

Welch said the only violation that occurred at The Farm was quickly corrected and involved the structure of the stage. The zoning board, Welch said, took issue with the stage being a permanent structure. To avoid any complications, Welch had musicians play on sets.

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