Apple’s Shazam shares popular music predictions for 2021



Apple-owned music discovery and identification app Shazam today shared a Shazam Predictions 2021 playlist available on Apple Music. The playlist contains a list of 50 songs by emerging artists that Shazam says are “about to make a splash.”

The data was calculated using Shazam’s predictive algorithms, with all 50 tracks hand-picked by the Apple Music global editorial team. The songs all show an early and constant boost in Shazam’s business as well as a discovery in more than one country, which Shazam says is an early indicator of future growth.

Of the 50 new songs on the playlist, ‌Apple Music‌ has chosen five artists to highlight as those to watch in 2021 and beyond.

  • Masked Wolf – A hip-hop artist from Sydney. His song “Astronaut in the Ocean” reached the overall Apple Music Top 10 in five territories.
  • BLACKSTARKIDS – A Kansas City trio that began appearing on Shazam in September 2020. Their songs blend indie and hip-hop with contemporary lyrics and analog pop music.
  • Serena Isioma – Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Serena Isioma mixes funk, indie, pop and R&B, and her song “King” was featured on Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlist.
  • Tai Verdes – Freelance pop artist Tai Verdes took off on Shazam in July 2020. Her single “Stuck in the Middle” is on the Alt Pop and ALT CTRL playlists on ‌Apple Music‌.
  • LB Spiffy – Teenage Toronto rapper LB Spiffy has been an emerging artist on Shazam since 2017. His song “Again” has been featured on ‌Apple Music‌ playlists like Rap Life and Today’s Hits.

The full Shazam 2021 Predictions playlist can be streamed on ‌Apple Music‌. For those unfamiliar with Shazam, this is an app that iPhone owners can use to identify songs played in movies, on the radio, and more. Apple bought Shazam in 2018, and song tagging has been built into the Siri feature on iPhones for years.

Shazam has, over the past few years, been able to identify emerging artists before their music took off. Olivia Rodrigo, who reached number one in Apple Music’s Daily Global Top 100 with a “driver’s license”, was chosen by Shazam over a year ago. Billie Eilish, who soared in popularity in 2019 and 2020, was on Shazam’s emerging artist rosters in 2015.

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